Finally a Decent Evening

Wilted 'Oranges and Lemons' Gaillardia
As most of you already know the weather here has been abysmal. Temperatures have been in the mid to upper 90's frequently with little rain to cool things off or water the plants. In most cases I've let the plants fend for themselves. Many are drought resistant/tolerant and should come out OK in the end and those that aren't are mostly annuals. There are a few I'm taking special care of because they are either new or I really like them and know how sensitive they are to the lack of moisture.

Tonight though was almost pleasant. Earlier in the day we had a couple showers. Not much more than will wet the foliage but the increased cloud cover was responsible for keeping the heat down this evening - which means I was out in the garden. Which means I was weeding!

You would think that with very little rain the weeds wouldn't grow - not true. It seems that the weeds are the most hardy and most drought tolerant beings on the earth. Perhaps I go too far in describing them as beings but they do seem to have a personality of their own. As you pull out the weeds and you hear that irritating snap of roots breaking off from the stem you just know you're going to see them again. They seem to taunt you as you pull them out. I'm probably making it too personal but you know how weeds are. If you want to conquer them you have to take it personal!

Rudbeckia in Need of Deadheading

I also deadheaded a few rudbeckias and coneflowers, trimmed up the nearly dead looking chocolate mint, and pulled out a couple dead evergreens.  I'm disappointed with the evergreens which were both mugo pines but it really isn't surprising. They were discount rack material that just didn't make it. After examining the roots I found how pot bound they were and it's really a wonder they made it this long. I love chocolate mint and I hate the fact that it always dies back this time of year. I try to keep it watered because it's my favorite amendment to my sweet ice tea but the heat just gives it a beating.

August is an effort in endurance for the gardener isn't it? I'm just trying to make it through to get to the cooler weather on the other side and I'm very grateful for the small breaks like we had this evening.

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Also I mentioned a fall gardening post for this past week which I neglected. It's coming soon - promise! For now though you can read the one from last year to get a head start on your fall vegetable garden. (Also Fall Vegetable Garden Layout)