What Could Be Better...

Than a delicious, dark red, juicy sliced tomato?

My turkey wrap sandwich was very happy this afternoon with the addition of this red fruit of the garden. Not too juicy and not too meaty, just perfect - the perfect tomato experience. The scent of the tomato after cutting it open was like taking in the fragrance of a honeysuckle flower. Am I silly for going on and on raving about one little vegetable from the garden? Maybe. But when you think about how special it is to take a seed in March, nurture it though spring, through the last of the safe frost dates, and finally plant it into the garden - then you watch it grow, sucker, spread, flower, and fruit. It's an experience that culminates in the sweet taste of that perfect tomato. It's hard to describe a sensation like that in text. It's the process that fascinates me. A process that takes every moment of sunshine, every drop of rain that fell on the vine and into the soil, and every nutrient brought up through the roots from the rich, loamy garden soil and packs it all together into that beautiful red fruit. It feels like I'm eating a small part of the world, I'm eating life. It's special. Vegetables don't get much better than this do they?

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