Propagating A Yoshino Cherry from Cuttings

About 6 weeks ago I was out limbing up a couple Yoshino cherry trees (Prunus x yedoensis) . I couldn't let the clippings just go to waste so I thought I would try my hand at rooting a Yoshino cherry from the greenwood cuttings. Previously I've only managed to root one Yoshino Cherry from a hardwood cutting and it didn't make it. Cherry trees are one of my favorite trees for the landscape since they have great flowers in the spring, grow relatively quickly, and can provide some nice shade.

How to propagate a Yoshino Cherry:

I took greenwood cuttings about 6 inches long. Then I removed all the leaves except for one at the top of the cutting. I dipped the end liberally in rooting hormone then stuck the cutting in a pure sand medium. I kept the cuttings moist and in about 6 weeks I had roots. Tenting the cuttings will help to maintain moisture.

My success rate wasn't as high as I'd hoped as only 1 out of 6 rooted but it definitely gives me hope that I can use this method to make a few more Yoshino cherry trees.

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