Around the Garden Shed - the Rest of the Plantings!

Yesterday's post had many of the colorful plants I planted around the garden shed today's post may be less colorful but hopefully still interesting!

First let's start off with a small stepping stone pathway. I bought some cheap 12"x12" stepping stones to lay down for this little pathway. To the left of the pathway is an area that still needs developed. The area to the left and right once looked about the same - things have been improved!

We can't forget about the large plantings like the trees. This red maple will one day provide a good amount of shade all around the area. Red maples are great trees for fall color - like you would see in the Fall Color Project for 2010! (Just something to keep in your thoughts for later ;))

In front of the garden shed are zinnias complete with butterfly attachments.

Black and Blue Salvia is quickly becoming a staple in every garden. It's already bloomed here once and been deadheaded.  This plant was a division in the spring from another one near the birdbath garden.

This other little salvia was propagated from a cutting but the mother plant was seed grown last year.

The lamb's ear hasn't taken kindly to the intense heat and lack of rain this summer but should rebound nicely when the weather is more favorable. 

What garden is complete without a coneflower? Only a shade garden!

 This feathery leaved plant is a tansy found at a plant swap this spring.

Like everywhere else this garden is a work in progress. Since I can't paint the shed yet (it's way too hot) tinkering in the garden is a good way to spruce up the area before the shed is finished. Inside the shed there is still some work that needs done like the brick floor and the shelves but really 90-100 degree days aren't ideal for that either! Hopefully cooler weather will come along and give us a break after this weekend but I'm not counting chickens...

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