And The Winner Is...

This week has been an interesting one! I'm amazed and astounded by the sheer number of comments generated for the compost bin giveaway from Clean Air Gardening. At the cut-off time for the drawing there were 120 valid entries (Nancy's, of Leaping Greenly, doesn't count since she's Canadian but I always appreciate her comments!).

Here's how the drawing worked:

And who's the winner? All-American Belle! Congratulations you are the proud new owner of a compost spinner! (email me ASAP at thehomegarden [at] and to make shipping arrangements!)

I want to thank Clean Air Gardening for offering the compost spinner for a prize! And thank you for joining in the contest. If you would like to keep up with what's happening here at The Home Garden please subscribe or follow on Facebook.

If you missed something this week take a gander below! (Can you believe I actually said gander?)

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