Plant Swaps and the Week in Review

This morning I attended the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap at Henry Horton State Park. If you've never been to a plant swap before you really should consider going to at least one. It's a fantastic way to expand the plant varieties in your garden on the extremely cheap side. The concept is simple, bring any extra plants you have to the swap the talk to fellow gardeners and arrange trades! In essence you turn your extras into new plants. The only big disadvantage of this is that you don't always know the exact variety of plant you're getting. I'll bet you're wondering "What plants did he get?" Well I don't have any pictures taken (I know you're thinking "WHAT? A garden blogger didn't take pictures?!) but I'll share a list with you from what I remember (I promise to feature pictures of the plants in the future (most likely during their bloom time))(I know what else you're thinking "Why is he using so many parenthesis?" then again maybe you're really thinking "Why is he telling me what I'm thinking?")(On with the plants!)

The "What came Home With Me From the Plant Swap List"

Iris (Multiple kinds and colors)
Tennessee Coneflower - a rare native
Catnip x2
Penstemon grandiflorus
St. John's Wort
Black and Blue Salvia
Hydrangea macrophylla
Banana Tree*
Orange Asiatic Lily
and more!

I'll post more later about the mystery person (and garden blogger) who came to the swap and the person's visit to my garden but you probably can figure that out!

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