Into the Lettuce

Lately around our house we've really been getting into the lettuce from the vegetable garden - in fact quite literally!

This red Romaine lettuce called Rouge d'Hiver is a very tasty selection we made from Baker's Creek. The red coloring is fading as the temperatures are beginning to warm. It won't be long before this heirloom vegetable begins to bolt and I can collect seed from it for use next year. Until then we're eating salads like they're going out of style! I commented last night to my wife how we always seem to eat better during the growing season. The explanation is simple: we grow more of our own food, it's healthier because it is organically grown, it tastes better because it's fresh from the garden, and the vegetables get used more because I see them and don't forget about them in that deep dark place in the refrigerator from where there is no return! (I have a bad habit of buying lettuce then forgetting it exists!)

Do you really need more reasons to grow vegetables in your own backyard?

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