I'm No Mr. McGregor

We all know the tale about that famous gardener who is protective of his garden and the hungry and curious little Peter Rabbit. The silly rabbit invades Mr. McGregor's garden (not to be confused with Mr. McGregor's  daughter's garden) to gorge himself on the fruits of the gardener's labor, then loses his clothes in the process of fleeing from Mr. McGregor's wrath and returns home sick and exhausted. I understand the damage those little bunnies can do but last night I was definitely no Mr. McGregor! While I was mowing around our yard four bunnies ran out from their hiding places afraid of the sounds of the riding mower. I couldn't bring myself to continue mowing until I knew they were out of the way and safe so I gathered up those that I could and put the bunnies in a tall bucket until I was finished mowing.

I was only able to gather three of the little rabbits, the fourth was a clever little one - possible Peter himself! I released all the bunnies back into my yard and back into their nest after I finished mowing for the night. Yes I know, I'll probably regret that one day. But the kids got to see a little bit of mother nature in our backyard - just where it should be!

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