Achillea millifolium (Yarrow)

Achillea millifolium is one of the easiest perennials to grow. Almost no care, very little maintenance, and bright punches of color make it a very good plant for low-maintenance gardens. In our garden we have 4-5 varieties which unfortunately are mostly unnamed but their colors include red, yellow, white, and pink. The only thing I do to maintain achillea is the occasional deadheading and division (which I'll write more on below).

'Paprika' Achillea is the one I know - all the rest are unidentified. At one point I added one that was called 'Appleblossom' but I have some doubts as to the accuracy of its name.

How to Propagate Achillea

Propagating achillea (yarrow) is about as easy as maintaining it. Just divide a small section during the growing season and plant it where you want it (including a pot). The nice thing about division is that you can go ahead and plant the new plants right into the ground without waiting for rooting to start - it's already done! There very little need to try stem cuttings since the plants divide so well.

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