Trillium in a Cedar Glade

Over the weekend we visited my in-laws for Easter. While there I always explore the edges of the woods and sometimes deeper but I really didn't have to journey far to find this trillium. It was among a grouping of several other trilliums on the edge of a cedar glade woods in their backyard. All the trilliums were the sessile type which means the blooms rest on the foliage (see this site for more on trillium).

I'm not an expert on Trillium and I'll refrain from identifying the botanical name for this one. Last time I tried to identify it I was critiqued by an expert on trillium who claimed I was wrong on my ID. The trillium in that post was found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which holds 10 different varieties of trillium within its boundaries. Trillium grandiflorum was the closest ID I could find to match my photo and still fits the description and photos to a 'T'. I still believe I was right on but I'll hold back with the trillium ID in this post anyway. I suspect the trillium expert was thinking that I bought the wrong one at an online nursery as there can be some confusion in the trillium cultivation department. The only trillium I've ever shown on this blog are those that I've found in the wild - it's like finding buried treasure.

Have you found any buried treasure lately?