Trees, Shrubs, and Emerging Leaves

It's amazing how much is growing right now. I feel like all of a sudden everything has emerged in one moment of synchronicity. From the trees and shrubs to the perennials - something is happening everywhere I look. It's exciting, yet exasperating as there just isn't enough time to get everything done or talk about a fraction of everything happening here on the blog. I mentioned that fact the other day so I won't go on again but I will say that I'm getting worn out, but it's a good feeling!

I thought for this post I'd show you a little, a very little, of what is happening in the garden. The redbuds are blooming everywhere. In the back tree line and within the confines of our own yard like in this 'Forest Pansy' redbud (Cercis canadensis) that we planted last year. Redbuds are one of my favorite native flowering trees and Tennessee is abundantly gifted with them.

The Viburnum x burkwoodii is producing flowers for the first time in our garden. Buds are all over this shrub and soon there will be flowers.

One or two of the flowers have already opened!

The leaves are emerging on both of our Japanese maples. The one pictured below is near our side garden entry arbor but I don't know the details. It was a discount rack rescue with no ID, I don't have any problem taking in orphaned plants - especially Japanese maples.

The oak leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is producing leaves too. It's in our corner shade garden with the main purpose of covering our gas meter with it's foliage.You have to have something to cover those necessary eyesores and an oak leaf hydrangea is a good choice, at least I think so!

A 'Lady in Red' Hydrangea is somewhere in between the Japanese maple and the Oak leaf hydrangea above. This hydrangea gets reddish tinted leaves and has the lacecap flowers.

Hostas are coming up everywhere. I think this one is a 'Patriot' but I have trouble remembering the exact locations of each hosta. Once the foliage emerges better the job will be easier.

This may be the same hosta above with a photo taken only a few days later.

I can identify these two hostas easily as 'Ginkgo Craig'. I really like the narrow pointed leaves for a contrast in shape. They would look great in front of a large blue leaf hosta.

Also in the corner shade garden are the Solomon's Seal. They were a plant swap trade two years ago and look like they are just about to come into their own.

I hope you're enjoying this spring in the garden!

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