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As a garden blogger sometimes life is frustrating. During the winter you reach for things to say, stuff to talk about and begin dragging back old pictures of the previous year just so that you can produce something for people to read. Then before you know it the growing season is in full swing and you're practically left behind with ideas for posts about gardening. There are so many things to share and one trip around the garden brings a multitude of posts to the mind. It's even worse when you bring the camera out for a walk. You begin taking pictures getting carried away be all the neat stuff you see like the kerria beginning to bloom, or the chocolate eupatorium emerging from the soil, or the 'Oranges and Lemons' Gaillardia that you were hoping would return actually did, or the lush mounds of 'Walker's Low' Catmint you want to propagate, or the landscaping you started around your garden shed - the list is endless! As a blogger you are forced to choose what to say even though you want to say so much. Frustrating but exciting! I would rather have too many things to talk about than nothing at all.
Arbor and Yoshino Cherry in the Front Yard

As spring progresses more and more plants will be emerging which brings up my favorite subject: Plant Propagation! It's a humongous subject but it more than most garden subjects simply thrills me. And this time of the year is an awesome one for propagating perennials. Next week I'll be posting more about my propagation plans but they will be tempered by the potential last frost which usually is around mid-April here in Middle Tennessee. It could always frost beyond that but the odds tilt in the gardener's favor at that point. I will tell you this though, I'll be talking about layering a viburnum at some point. The one I layered last year ended up giving me 6 new Arrowwood viburnums to plant in my yard! (That was like winning the lottery for me!)

I'll also be watching the weather to see how early I can get my vegetables in the ground. My tomatoes are getting large in the house and need to get acclimated to the outdoors before planting. The front porch is good for that. I still haven't planted radishes and should probably see to it very soon. I'll plant them where my squash will be this year as radishes may repel vine borers, we'll see on that companion planting!

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