A Spring Fence Garden Update

Last year for Mother's Day I redesigned a garden area for my mom. Their fence garden needed a little revamping and I'm really happy with the results. Here is what the area looked like before:

Here's how it looks now! In the above picture we set the border stones to give an edge for the garden.  The stone also helps make an easy spot for the weedeater to munch the grass for a clean looking edge. The already established trees in the top picture were gradually planted over the years to increase the amount of shade in the yard. Along the fence is a Jacquemonti birch, a Yoshino cherry, a purple leaf plum, and a Kwanzan cherry.

Here is a more detailed layout of the perennial plantings. Monarda is going wild in the middle. Watch out for monarda (or bee balm) it can easily spread and take over a spot if you let it. Lamb's ear is along the front border with a rudbeckia and a coneflower behind them for a middle layer. To the right is a 'Walker's Low' catmint that I made from cuttings and planted in her garden. One of these days I'm going to get myself a rainbarrel or two like what they have in the back of the garden. Dad rigged up a stair stepped set of concrete blocks to give the rain barrels a little lift to harness the forces of gravity for the good of the garden.

Through the trees we created a small walkway that leads back to a peaceful sitting area perfect for sipping lemonade in the shade on a hot summers day.

The bench was built a few years ago by my dad and myself for another present for mom. I think it was her birthday one year but it may have been another Mother's Day. If you can't tell I really like the whole do-it-yourself thing!

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