Reusable Plant Tags - A Product Review

Recently I was asked to take a look at some reusable plant tags from the Allsop Home & Garden company. The idea sounded pretty neat - plant tags that can be written on, washed off, and then reused. They would make great markers for herb gardens or vegetable gardens.

In the mail I received six plant tags and six stakes. The plant tags were pretty neat with little plant related logos, in my case the "Herbal" line. The other choice you have is called "Botanical." Each pack of six retails for $15.99.

The tags work pretty good so far. I used a gel pen to mark the tags then set three of them out in a few places to give them a trial. I'm curious to see if the rain will wash away the ink from the tags, they should get a good test this weekend since the forecast will shower us this weekend at some point.

The only problem I had was accidentally smudging one of the tags right after I marked it. The ink didn't even have time to dry before I flubbed it up. That's my fault not the product's.

The tags are attractive and small enough that they don't get in the way of the garden. They enable you to mark what each plant is without taking center stage. The rubber used on the tags is UV protected which should help them last through the season and makes them usable multiple times which will help to offset the price a little.

I think it's a good product but I really need to see how the weather effects the writing. After using it all that is needed is soap and water to clean it then it is ready to go for another plant.

I'll come back and edit this post after the weekend and let you know how the tags did through the rain.

Disclaimer: I received no money for this review but did receive the plant tags to trial.