Plant Propagation: This Week's Cuttings

When the opportunity presents itself I take cuttings. Who am I kidding? I make the opportunity to take cuttings! When I successfully get a new plant to root it's like finding gold. OK, not really, but it really does save a few dollars. Think about it for a second, if a perennial at the store costs $6 but instead you propagate 3 from home you just added the value of $18 to your garden without spending money! Now think, what if you propagated 10-20 plants? (which is very easy to do from one or two plants) Now you can get inside my head (not always a wise thing to do) and see the financial side of my plant propagating addiction.

The benefit of propagating my own plants carries over into the garden design area too. When people talk about garden design one particular concept always stands out: repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, echo...echo...echo. Short of spending thousands of dollars to repeat similar plant purchases I can root them at home. And again the money aspect pops in!

The other reason is insurance. Just consider plant propagation as a life insurance policy for the perennials. If you make a few copies of the original you have a backup in case one gets damaged by the cold weather, was planted in a bad spot, or gets devoured by deer (which has happened more than once to me!). I tend to plant my back-up plants in different areas of the yard which helps to increase the odds of survival. If one plant goes to plant heaven I just don't have to worry about finding a new one or spending any more money. It's funny how it all comes back to money!

Here are the cuttings I've taken so far this week:

I also potted up 7 'Walker's Low' Catmint rooted cuttings and 3 Monarda cuttings. It's a busy time of year but I love it!

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