April is for Blooms!

So you like blooms do you? Then April is the month for you here in Tennessee. There are so many blooms around I can't post all of them up here at once. You'll just have to come back and see them later! For now though I've picked some of the best of the blossoms for your enjoyment.

Viburnum x burkwoodii 

The 'Burkwood' Viburnum's flowers are much more known for their scent than their appearance - for good reason! Still the flowers are definitely worth noting.

Malus sargentii

The flowers of our Sargent Crabapple are blooming for the first time.

Tulips: 'Negrita' and 'Shirley'

I mentioned 'Shirley' earlier in the week but surely 'Negrita' is due some time in the spotlight!

The next two photos are my favorites for this post! I hope you can see why.

Prunus x yedoensis 'Yoshino' Cherry

The Yoshino Cherry is one of my favorite spring time bloomers. Sadly the blooms are about to fade for the year, but if they bloomed year round would they be as special?

Japanese Maple Acer palmatum

I like this photo of the Japanese maple for its simplicity. The Japanese are known for their beautiful gardens centered around the idea of simplicity. Could there be a more perfect plant than the Japanese maple for a simple garden? I've always felt that maple flowers tend to get overlooked for the more impressive displays of blooms, it's too bad but maybe better that way - it makes them more special to stop and take note.

There is more - lots more to share. I hope you'll stop by again and see what this spring brings!

And thanks again to Carol for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.

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