Yoshino Cherry Buds are Swelling

It won't be too much longer now before the Yoshino Cherries begin to bloom in Tennessee. Last year the Yoshino Cherry trees bloomed at the end of March. Right now the buds are beginning to swell which makes me optimistic that they will bloom at about the same time as last year.

We have three Yoshinos and maybe four. I realize that it sounds kind of odd that I don't know the identity of one but it should be a Yoshino. I received it from Arbor Day a couple years ago but I have some doubts as to whether it is a Yoshino or another variety of cherry. It was ordered as a Yoshino and we'll see for sure if it blooms this year. The tree in the pictures of this post is definitely a Yoshino Cherry.

At the end of the month here's what to expect and why I like this tree so much. The cherry trees become completely covered with white blossoms. It's alike a magical white painting.

But for now we'll just wait and see. There should be quite a few other plants coming along to brighten our spring!

You should be able to find the Yoshino Cherry in nurseries any time now. If you have room for another tree in your landscape I highly recommend it. I listed it as a favorite the other day and wholeheartedly believe it's one of the best spring flowering trees around!

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