Taking Advantage of the Weather

If you are like me you've been scanning the forecast trying to plan out every possible moment you can be outside in the garden! Around here Saturday is supposed to be pretty nice with scattered clouds and no rain coming in until late. And I can't forget to mention the big 70 that has appeared in the temperature predictions! Since the weather is set to be favorable I've designated my spare time to the greenhouse garden shed - I've just got to get this thing finished! I dropped the kids off by their grandparent's house this past Thursday (after signing the oldest one up for kindergarten, she's growing fast!) and spent the day putting the siding on the back of the greenhouse. I'm close to being finished with the siding and have only the gables and a few spots on the sides to cover.

My target this weekend is the inside. It's a mess, too many pieces of wood just laying around. So here's my Greenhouse Garden Shed work plan:

As usual I never have enough time to do it all but I'll report back on Monday with what I actually managed to finish.

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