Looking Back and Looking Ahead (Weekend Update)

The forecast is warming up and it's about time! The cold days might be past us and full time gardening could be about to begin. At least it will for me this weekend as I intend to get more than a few chores done, including some work on my greenhouse-shed, some pine-needle spreading, planting of more cool season vegetables, and one really neat thing - apple tree planting!  I acquired a 'Gala' apple and a 'Fuji' apple on the way home from the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. It's funny how plants just jump into my car... I would have preferred to just buy one tree but apples have to have at least two plants so that they may cross pollinate. 

On Friday I managed to plant two blueberry bushes just outside of the vegetable garden and transplant a small maple tree. Unfortunately the maple will probably have to move again since I had second thoughts about its placement. You're not a true gardener unless you've moved a plant thirty or more times right?

Let's take a look back at this week on The Home Garden:

Sunday February 28
The beginning of the week was all about concrete blocks in the garden. I showed a few ways I like to use them in the garden then encouraged other Garden Bloggers to join in and show how they like to use blocks in the garden. The first entry was from Tina at In the Garden.

Monday March 1
The Birdbath Garden: Then and Now compared pictures from last year during the growing season to the current sad and sorry state of the late winter-before-anything-is-growing-garden. Thankfully it's about time for the dead stuff to get cleaned up and plants to begin painting the garden with color.

Tuesday March 2
Everybody likes grass in the garden but there always comes a time to cut it down and clean it up. That's exactly what I did to several miscanthus plants and if you haven't already done so it's time!

Wednesday March 3
Don't know anything about water lilies? Don't worry about it Mark Best has you covered with this guest post about a favorite pond plant!

Thursday March 4
This time of year is also for seed starting and here's an update on my seeds. Basil, dill, tomatoes and peppers are all growing well along with a daylily. Maybe this will be the year I try daylily hybridization!

I also attended the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show and saw many interesting designs and ideas. All kinds of vendors were there selling plants, gadgets, ducks (yes I said ducks) and garden art but I held back and only came home with an iris - it's a nice iris, trust me!

Friday March 5
I'm a huge fan of gardening in raised beds and was excited to see this spiral garden at the show. I saved it for a special post of its one like a nice idea deserves.

As I said before I'm looking forward to the warm weather coming this weekend.

Here's a short Garden To-Do list for my weekend in the garden 
(please note that not everything will be accomplished - I'm not Superman - maybe just Spiderman)

And speaking of superheros you should read this post by Cyndy for the Garden Blogger Assignment: Putting Things Off.

Completed Assignments:

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