Hiding Spent Foliage

I like daffodils and tulips, but you know their foliage just isn't much to get excited about. Once the flowers are done we all know the best thing to do is to cut back the flower stems to prevent them from going to seed (unless you are hybridizing or want to collect the seed) and leave the foliage to absorb the suns rays. So what do you do with that mess of foliage? Can you stand it? Often gardeners get tired of looking at it and cut the foliage back while risking reduced vigor the following year in the process. I prefer to think about plants that help to hide or disguise the unsightly foliage.

In this picture you can see the daffodils I have in my front garden. To hide the daffodil foliage, or disguise them rather, I have a couple other perennials that will come to the forefront. In May the bed becomes filled with the purple flowers of salvia and the yellow blooms of daylilies. My tulips, which are in the sidewalk garden, don't have much to disguise their foliage but I leave the leaves to die back on their own anyway. I've been able to maintain a reliable display of tulips this way. Last year I planted lantana among them but it won't return here - at least not without help from the gardener. 

What perennials do you think make a good sequential planting for bulb flowers to help hide the foliage?

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