Getting Things Done

Like everyone else this time of year my chore list seems monstrous, insurmountable, and just plain humongous.  To write it all down would be a chore in itself. I suspect that if I did write it all down at one time it might look so large that I would just give up - probably not, I enjoy gardening too much but it would surely be very intimidating. I suppose that's why I break things down into parts and work around the garden haphazardly getting things done that would be on that monster to-do list. I tend to make a list of a few things I would like to get done then fill in the rest as time allows. You've seen my to-do lists, they're always ambitious and I rarely accomplish everything I set out to do. So today I tackled a few things from my chore list over the weekend that just didn't get done and a few that never even made it to the list.

My Garden What's Been Done List

 I may have left something off the list but if I have that's OK - I'm worn out!