From The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show: Pictures of an Exhibition

This Thursday through Sunday is the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show put on by the Horticultural Society of Tennessee.  It's a combination of show gardens, displays, and all kinds of garden goodies. The display gardens were impressive, filled with water features, flowering plants, and fire features! All the elements were at play in each of the designs.

Natural looking water features were mixed among a variety of plantings. Stone was an essential design element. (Which hopefully will remind you of this week's Garden Blogger Assignment!)

My daughter was entranced by the water features and insisted on visiting each and everyone of them - three times!

In this water feature the designer turned a large slab of stone into a footbridge.

There was even a train set design. I don't think this particular train is built to withstand the elements of the outdoors but it is a neat idea.

By far my daughter's favorite part was the little duckling she got to hold. In her words "it just settled right down!"

We also had the opportunity to visit with Tina and her friends from Clarksville. We ate lunch, talked about gardens and blogging, had a great time, then headed over to the garden show. (Thanks Tina for the Brugmansia!) I didn't spend too much money, an amazing feat for a gardener in a garden show. There were all kinds of vendors selling tractors the size of tanks to garden gadgets, tools, and implements to whirligigs and windchimes. I bought one Iris ('Solar fire') from Iris City Gardens and actually tried to buy three other plants but unfortunately I only had a debit card with me and not all the vendors accepted plastic. If you go bring the checkbook or cash - or don't if you want to watch your budget!

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