A Week in the Virtual Garden

I really have to admit that despite the cold temperatures, snowfall, and generally crummy weather I've had a good week in the garden. Not my real garden, my virtual one. The garden that sits inside this black box next to my desk. Gail mentioned it too in her recent post. Times like these garden bloggers resort to old photos of the garden for material. A single picture can inspire quite a few ideas for writing. For today I would like to sum up what made this week a fun blogging week for me! I hope you enjoyed it too!

Sunday February 7th 2010
How to add Magic to the Garden 
This post was an invitation for garden bloggers to show what makes their garden magical! Two participants are listed in the original post and I decided (at the urging of another blogger) to extend the magical deadline to Friday February 19th

Monday February 8th 2010
Perennials Around the Vegetable Garden 
Yep, just like it says in the title!
Perennials Around The Deck
No fooling around here, the title is about what it says!

Tuesday February 9th 2010
How Big is a Moonflower Bloom?
curious? Go Look!
Cosmos - One of My Favorite Annuals
A very worthwhile and easy to grow annual for the garden. I like it and apparently many others do too.

Wednesday February 10th 2010 
Monarda is Called Bee Balm for a Reason
It's a good perennial to attract pollinators and I even threw in some propagation tips (shocking, isn't it!).

Thursday February 8th 2010
Variegated Pachysandra - A Plant I Wish I Had a Spot For

I also added a Garden calendar page with garden events that will be happening here in Middle Tennessee. It's incomplete but growing - strange...just like my garden!

Like I said before looking back at the old photos to write about was a lot of fun. Until I can get outdoors to work in my garden you will probably see a few more of these short, picture oriented, yet fun posts. Maybe they will give you an idea of some things to plant into your garden or maybe you already have them but just like to see life in the dead of winter. Whatever the case, thanks for tagging along!

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