Variegated Pachysandra - A Plant I Wish I Had a Spot For

Seen here is one plant I wish had the ideal location for it to grow. Ideal location you ask? OK maybe I'm putting words in your head but let me add an image too. Think shade, think moist, think well drained, think shade garden. I don't have that place...yet.

This little plant was planted in a nearly ideal location in my parent's yard during a garden remodel last spring. I love the variegation in shade plants and this evergreen groundcover is a good one. Pachysandra grows fairly slow and will take a couple years to fully establish as a groundcover. Of course you can help your groundcover along when planting by spacing the plants closer together. That means more money on the front end for faster gratification. To reduce your cost you could propagate pachysandra by stem cuttings. Propagating pachysandra is fairly straightforward. Take a stem cutting with a leaf attached, dip in rooting hormone, place in filtered light while keeping the soil moist and you may have rooting in a few weeks. You can also divide the plant occasionally to increase your plantings. Once you have a few cuttings you can plant them in the gaps of your groundcover to thicken it up a little faster. 

Behind the backyard greenhouse shed is an area I hope to one day cultivate with shade plants like pachysandra, hosta, and heuchera. I have too many things on my plate to worry about a new shade garden yet but I can dream!

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