Pruning, Carpets, and Chickdees (Weekend Update)

This week had a couple of nice days that showed a hint of spring starting to emerge. It's not there yet, in fact we're far from it but officially and we're 10 degrees below normal still (I feel like a broken record). The good news is that the sun has been out and the rains and snows have subsided somewhat although they still have a home in forecast. With the increase in sun comes more garden fun!

What happened this week at The Home Garden?

Saturday February 20
One of the best pictures I've taken of any bird has to be the one of this little chickadee. We enjoy all the birds but I always feel a special kinship with the chickadees. The are fearless and aren't bothered by anyone working in the garden.

Sunday February 21
Have you been putting things off? I have and at least one other person has too! Maybe a few more will jump in this week and tell us about what they are putting off, maybe they are putting off putting things off? Hmm...

Cyndy at Gardening Asylum: Holy True Confessions Batman!

Monday February 22
Nature's Carpet or Moss got its own picture op. Moss is a much maligned denizen of the landscape that never is given enough credit for its characteristic beauty.

My fascination with greenroofs has finally manifested itself in my garden and more specifically my garden shed. It's not a true green roof as it is really just a door overhang but its a fun first foray into greenroofs!

Tuesday February 23
I revealed my pruning handiwork on a dappled willow at my in-law's home. It turned out pretty interesting but I think we'll have to wait and see how it appears once foliage begins to show.

Wednesday February 24
Folks are always looking for garden tips! Hopefully this post should satisfy in more ways than one, please excuse the puns.

Thursday February 25
You can't get a much more radical pruning job than this: total tree removal of a bagworm infested cedar. It was hard to do but was needed. Alas poor cedar...the bagworms knew you too well.

If you're desperate to see a few flashes of flowers you can check out the Deck Garden: Then and Now. Irises, catmint, penstemon and others will brighten you computer screen, if not your day!

Friday February 26
My weekend to-do list. What does yours look like?

Are you curious what other bloggers have planned for their summer projects? Go take a look at what these participants in the 5 New Things Assignment are getting themselves into!

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