Not Much to See Here for Bloom Day

As you probably know every 15th of the Month is Bloom Day started and hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens and as you know it's February. When you put the two events together you will find that I really don't have much to show. Last year at this time the daffodils and several other plants had already begun blooming. This year I don't even have the lawn loving weed henbit to fall back on. I do have a few small offerings of indoor blooms that I can share but most of the garden must be waiting patiently for March and warmer weather.

Hyacinth, Carnation, and Christmas Cactus

The hyacinth was for my wife for Valentine's Day and one carnation was given for each of the girls. The Christmas cactus decided that it was time to bloom again! Does that make it a Valentine's cactus?

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