A Few Gardening Tips

Many people find The Home Garden in search of gardening tips so I thought today I would oblige all the seekers of garden tips with a post all about and only about garden tips!

Garden Tip #1: 
Daffodil Tips!

Garden Tip #2
Compost is good - Use it! Make it!
Keep a compost pile in the backyard to get rid of your organic kitchen waste and keep unnecessary volume out of landfills. Then use the compost in your garden or make a compost tea from it to help your plants.

Garden Tip #3
Winter Blooming/January Jasmine Bud Tips
-not blooming yet unfortunately!

Garden Tip #4
A Tomato Tip
The best way to plant a tomato is to bury it all the way in the soil except for the top two leaves - horizontal or vertical doesn't really matter since the stem will root anywhere it is underneath soil. Or you could read this post about the best way to plant a tomato!

Garden Tip #5
Tulip Tips! 'Negrita' and 'Shirley' are on their way.

Garden Tip #6
Save Money by Growing Your own Plants
Propagating plants through division, layering, and cuttings is a very easy and fun way to save money in the garden! You can also save a lot of money by growing your plants from seeds.

Garden Tip #7
Be Handy with Your Handle
Measuring and marking the handle of your shovel, rake, or hoe with inches and feet (or your favorite units of measurement) can be extremely useful in the garden - I really should do this!

Garden Tip #8 
Hosta Tips!

Garden Tip #9
Raise Your Garden's Standards with Raised Beds
Raised beds help you control the soil of your garden and help your garden to flourish. They can be built from many materials, in many shapes, and many sizes.

Garden Tip #10
Grow Your Kids in the Garden
Get the kids into the garden as often as you can, the fresh air does wonders!
It also teaches the kids valuable skills about growing food, nature and the environment as well as the big buzz word of today: sustainability!

I hope you enjoyed these "tips"!