Vegetables for 2010, Any Suggestions?

Every year I like to try a few new vegetables in the garden. New varieties add a little extra interest to the same old tomatoes and cucumbers that we grow every year. Sometimes the new varieties stick around in the memory and will be planted the next year and other times they are better left forgotten! I started my list making this weekend but haven't nailed down any specific varieties as of yet so I thought I would throw the question to you! What vegetables varieties do you recommend for my garden in 2010? And if you will, also tell me what varieties you would never try again in your garden.

The following list is what I usually plant as far as basic vegetable types. I'm not listing any specific varieties here since I'm leaving that part up to you!

So tell me what new vegetable varieties do you recommend I try in 2010?
(I'll try to update the list as suggestions appear!)

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