The Salvias of May in My Front Garden

Lately I've been looking back at all the pictures I took over 2009 like in my last post (the picture of rudbeckias.) Soon I'll be talking about seeds and getting ready in earnest for 2010 gardening but I find that glancing back at the previous year's pictures helps to guide me when it comes to the seed catalogs.

I stumbled across this picture of our front sidewalk garden area. Actually the shot was taken from the sidewalk and across the garden toward the side yard but it gives a good impression of what it looks like in May.

The irises are blooming under the pear tree while the salvia is lining the sidewalk in purple flower stalks. The salvia is spaced out with other plants in between but the perspective of this picture makes it seem like it is one big mass planting (which might just give me some ideas!). Draping the edges of the sidewalk is 'Silver Mound' Artemisia which I love when the weather is right. Too much rain and it mats, flops, droops and opens up. A good trimming is definitely called for in the spring. The hardwood cuttings that are left over will be propagated to make more artemisia. I would like the whole sidewalk to have that soft, fluffy, silver foliage lining it - if the weather is right. The Russian sage isn't blooming yet in this picture but looks strong and healthy.

Looking at this picture for just a few minutes gave me several ideas on how to improve it. The sidewalk garden is just one area in need of revamping this year. Do you have any gardens you intend to redesign in 2010?

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