A Flowering Persian Shield from Cuttings

Persian Shield from Cuttings 1-2010-4I really didn’t expect to get flowers from the cuttings of Persian Shield I made in the fall. It’s been an added bonus but I was only trying to keep the cuttings alive long enough to plant them in the ground this spring. I’ve kept them in jars of water so far even though I should have long ago planted them into pots. Still they seem to be doing fine without soil as long as water is kept in the container.

Persian Shield from Cuttings 1-2010-1I didn’t use any rooting hormone when taking these Persian Shield cuttings. I treated them a lot like I do coleus, a couple nodes under water and a couple leaves on top is all that was needed.

You can see the root system pretty good in this photo. That’s one advantage when taking cuttings in water – you can see the roots as they form.

   Persian Shield from Cuttings 1-2010-3

A few overwintered flowers here and there are more than welcome to help overwinter ourselves!

Persian Shield from Cuttings 1-2010-2

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