Random Indoor Plant Pictures

I have always been lax on the indoor gardening scene. It's not that I don't have plants inside but more that I prefer the outdoor landscapes and gardens. You can do a lot with plants in pots both indoors and out. the first picture is one that I'm sure many people are seeing bloom right now, the Christmas Cactus. Our plant is small since the plants indoors tend to be more neglected my me than the ones outside and I haven't gotten around to repotting it.

christmas cactus, flower, indoor plant, picture

The other indoor plant picture in this post is an avocado tree. We love avocados around our house and I have tried multiple times to grow them from seed and failed. They usually rotted too fast due to over watering or completely dried out due to my indoor house plant neglect syndrome. The last time I covered with a plastic bag and kept the watering to a minimum and it worked like a charm. Three avocado seeds germinated easily by covering with the bag. I put them outside while the weather was warm and they did great until a worm (caterpillar) found them. It munched all the leaves down to nothing while I was completely unaware. Once I got rid of the worms two of the trees came right back.


I doubt we'll see any avocados any time soon if ever but it was fun to see them grow. Anyone know of an avocado that will grow outdoors in Tennessee? As far as I know it doesn't exist, but if it did I'd buy one!

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