Plant Propagation Continues

Even though I've been fairly quiet recently about my plant propagation efforts I'm still working on several things.  Many of my cuttings I do indoors and keep away from the cold winter weather.  Very soon I'll go and take cuttings from the evergreens but for now here's what I've rooted recently.

Confirmed rooted:
Japanese Dappled Willows (Salix integra) - I need to get these willows into some pots.  I used the water method.
Carolina Jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens)- I took  a couple cuttings from what i think is a Carolina jasmine.  It's border line hardy here in TN as it is a zone 7-9 plant but should survive alright if we provide a good microclimate for it.  The aerial roots make rooting in a glass of water very easy!
Azalea - I manage to get two of our azaleas to root.  I don't remember how long it took but it may have been between 8-10 weeks before any substantial roots appeared.  Three other cuttings still haven't rooted but are still alive.
Crape Myrtle - Three more crape myrtles are rooted and potted.  I have some ideas for these myrtles near one side of our property.

In progress:
Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis) - I've tried to propagate Yoshino Cherries before without success.  This time I took 8 cuttings and placed them in a sand pot indoors in our bathroom.  Hopefully the humidity will keep them from drying out.  After three weeks all are still alive and look promising but I won't check them until I am sure they have rooted.  Impatience is the enemy of the plant propagator!
Kwanzan Cherries (Prunus serrulata) - I only took 5 cuttings of the pink flowering Kwanzan Cherry.  Both the Yoshino Cherry and Kwanzan Cherry tree cuttings came from my parent's yard.  Our Yoshino took some deer damage this fall and I didn't want to tempt fate by taking cuttings. 
Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerasifera)- These were extremely easy to propagate last winter and I thought I would make another batch this year.  Unfortunately I let the plums I rooted last year go since I didn't have a place for them.  I have some ideas for these!
Red Twig Dogwoods (Cornus stolonifera) - I only have two red twig dogwoods going this fall. One of them is in the front garden which I just shoved a cutting in the dirt and the other is in the house in a container of sand.  Unfortunately the dogwood I took cuttings from last year suffered some severe die back this summer and I really couldn't take many cuttings from it.  All the other Red Twig Dogwoods around our house are too small to get any more than the two cuttings I made.  Next year I should be able to make quite a few.