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Who doesn't like free seeds? Today I have an opportunity for you to win a variety pack of garden seeds from a new seed retailer: Hometown Seeds! Hometown Seeds is offering to give these seeds to three lucky readers who visit their website and report to me about the most interesting seeds you see. That's all you have to do! After you have reported to me in the comments of this post your name will be entered into a random drawing and the winners will be announced next Friday (December 11, 2009). Please note that the winners will take home the variety pack worth almost $20!.  So before you go ordering all your spring seeds give yourself a chance to win a few!

After investigating some reports on GMO Seeds from Hometown it has been found to be a mistake. Hometown seeds does not have GMO seeds. See the post here for a letter from the company.
Included in the variety pack you could win are the following seeds:

Cilantro (Slow Bolt), Shasta Daisy (Alaska), Snapdragon (Giant Tetra), Wildflowers (Elite Mix), Four O'Clock (Marvel of Peru), Tomato (Yellow Pear), Carrot (Purple Haze), Broccoli (Walthum), Casaba Melon, Lettuce (Gourmet Mix)
Here's a little bit about Hometown Seeds to pass on to you:

Hometown seeds is a fairly new company started by Jared West and Scott Peterson.  The reason for starting the company has now become our mission.  “Provide the most garden for your dollar without sacrificing quality.”  This has been our sole focus thus far.  Our great customers garden for all reasons.  Some fill the shelves and freezer and feed the family all winter.  Some do it to unwind after stress filled days at the office.  Some are learning gardening to provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.
We have been amazed at the diverse range of customers we serve.  We love to hear feedback about new products, gardening successes, and fun garden facts.  The best part of our day is hearing from our customers.
We encourage everyone to try something new in the garden and always- Have Fun!

~Hometown Seeds

Go check their site and let me know what what you see!

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