Coral Bells of December

To say I'm a fan of heucheras is an understatement. I like to think of myself as a collector of coral bells, as they are often called, even though my collection is still just a work in progress. I'm gradually adding different varieties to my garden but seem to be running out of room in the corner shade garden (corner shade garden in 2008).  Thankfully I'll be able to use some areas in the backyard near the greenhouse once it's complete to add more of one of my favorite foliage perennials. I've grown some heucheras from seed and others I've collected from nurseries but they all retain interesting foliage throughout winter and that is definitely welcome in December!

Why I like Heucheras:

So here are a few of my heucheras!

Heuchera ~ Unknown maybe 'Palace Purple':

If forgot exactly who this little heuchera is but I suspect it's just a 'Palace Purple' I divided in the spring. It's in the raised bed just off of my back deck. The purple shades fit with other 'Palace Purple' Heucheras we have.

Heuchera 'Palace Purple'

This one is definitely 'Palace Purple'. It's ratty appearance is due to an outbreak of bagworms that have infested the conifer above the corner shade garden. They tasted the heuchera and must have thought it was lacking in flavor otherwise there would be much more of it gone.

Heuchera 'Silver Scrolls'

I mentioned back in spring that this 'Silver Scrolls' Heuchera was one of my must have plants for 2009. I'm happy to say I found one at a nearby nursery. I love the frosty white variegation on the leaves.

Heuchera 'Dale's Strain'

This little heuchera is another fun one to watch. It's color changes to a more brown-bronze look in the fall but displays green and white variegated leaves throughout the growing season.

Heuchera 'Mystic Angel'

'Mystic Angel' was found at a nearby spring festival. It reminded me of 'Silver Scrolls' before I bought it. The white-silver colors stand out more in 'Silver Scrolls' but both plants are very attractive.

Heucherella 'Stoplight'

While not quite a heuchera this 'Stoplight' Heucherella fits in nicely with the heucheras. It's a hybrid of tiarella (foam flower) and a heuchera. The red vein variegation is it's most prominent feature.

Not featured in this post: Heuchera 'Mocha', Heuchera 'Melting Fire', Heuchera 'Fireworks'

How to propagate heucheras:
I found this book on Amazon that I think I will have to add to my bookself soon. It's written by Dan Hiems, a master cultivator of heucheras and heucherellas. He's responsible for many of the neat varieties of heucheras that we enjoy in our gardens!

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