Time to Stop

It occurred to me today that I've been writing this blog, The Home Garden for over two years. I completely missed the second year mark, which happened last week while I was totally immersed Fall Color Projects and the greenhouse project. Two years of blogging has past and has been a ton of fun. In two years I've published 858 posts while writing a total of 945 posts (including this one).  87 posts remain unpublished in draft limbo either because I started them then went on to something else or I didn't think were good enough to publish.

I think that after two years of blogging it is definitely time to stop and say thank you to everyone who has made this blogging experience fun!  It's nearly impossible to mention everyone individually since there are so many people who have been through this blog in some fashion and contributed whether through a comment, suggestion, or an email. It's amazing to me when I think back at the things that have happened this year as a result of blogging. The Better Homes & Gardens Arbor project, mentions in several newspaper articles, radio show visits, teaching lectures on propagation for master gardeners and garden clubs, and all the projects I've been able to do for the blog are a result of this thing called blogging. The blog seems to give me extra motivation to accomplish projects so that I can have something neat to share with those who read The Home Garden, in other words: you!

I also want to thank anyone who has ever shopped, clicked, or viewed the advertisements on this site. I know many people get turned off by advertisements but those who have used them in some way have enabled me to do projects I could not have done otherwise due to the limited finances of a stay-at-home-dad and a single income family (by choice). The backyard greenhouse project is a direct result of these passive contributions to our garden budget.

Without the people who take the time to read what I write continuing this blog would be pointless and it is because of you that it is so fun to do. In high school the last thing I would ever have imagined myself doing is writing for fun but ironically that's what I do now! I suppose a large portion of my excitement for this blog is that it's all about a subject matter that I find very interesting. Two years of garden talk are over and who knows how many more are in the future?

While I'm thanking you I do have one thing to ask to help this blog become better: what should I talk about now? Do you want to hear more about plant propagation? If so what plants do you want to know about? More about the vegetable garden? More personal stories about blowing up or careening mowers? Or do you just want to see more pictures of the cutest two kids on the planet?

Thanks again for reading The Home Garden and don't be afraid to tell me what you think!