A Short Greenhouse Project Update

Here's just a quick update on the greenhouse-shed project. More work will ensue later in the week but several time consuming things have been done. The roof windows on the south-western side are somewhat framed, the plywood is attached and the shingles are up. The roof is one of the more shed-like aspects of this project. Since the south western side is where the majority of the deciduous trees are located positioning the roof windows (which are really two storm door windows) there will allow the greenhouse to catch the winter sun but not the summer sun. There are plenty of windows around the walls for allowing light to shine through. The angle of the sun in the winter is much lower than at other times of the year and most of the light will actually come through the windows along the walls. More light means more heat which during the winter is a precious commodity.


Soon it will be time to add windows, plywood siding, more siding, doors, stain the siding, and add plants. I can't wait for that last one!

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