Can You Identify This Rose?

I'm definitely no expert in roses.  Recently I saw this rose blooming at my mother-in-law's home and was curious as to it's identity. The insides of the bloom are a creamy yellow color while the outside of the petals are a kind of red-peach color. The rose has a cluster of four flowers which make it most likely a type of floribunda or grandiflora (For more information on roses: All American Rose Selections).  With such an amazing variety of roses in existence it may be impossible to identify with 100% accuracy what this one is but I'm hoping someone out there might have a clue!

I ended up taking four cuttings from this rose bush as well as about 8-10 other rose cuttings of two other varieties. So far in rose propagation I've scored and grand total of one rooted rose (out of 8-10 from the plant swap). I haven't had many opportunities to try propagating roses but I can tell you that maintaining the proper level of moisture on the roses is imperative. I've heard from several people who have recommended different methods of rose propagation from misting, to the soda bottle method, and even the jar covering method. The one I've rooted was without any covering in plain old sand for rooting medium. Since it was the only one of its group to succeed I would advise some sort of moisture containing covering to root them.

I'm definitely learning as I go with the roses!

Here's some good information I found about rooting roses from Texas A&M.

Can you identify my mystery rose?

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