Greenhouse Project: A Peek Inside

Today's peek into my greenhouse project is just one little picture, but it's a view from the inside out. The biggest windows have been installed but, as you will see in the picture, need a thorough cleaning and painting. The misty haze on the panes is due to too much time spent outdoors under the effects of the weather.  Dirt and grime have accumulated but I'm confident that they will clean up nicely like the smaller windows did. These two are 6' tall by 7' wide and still need a little leveling. Initially I measured the windows and allowed a little over 1/2 inch of extra space to play with on the windows. When we started to fit them we discovered a little mistake, OK big really.  The bottom of each window was beveled and I made my first measurements from the short end.  This meant that we had to trim a piece off the wood frame in order for it to fit. It was a pain to fit the panes but we had plenty of wood to trim with room to spare. The old dirty windows remind me of an old conservatory.

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Taken at 6:49 AM on a cloudy November morning. It's very bright when the sun chooses to shine!

In the back are two open spaces for windows that will swing outward. I've also hooked up one side of the back door but need to do some custom fitting work to get the other side pieced together. A peek up toward the back roof area will reveal the "skylight" made from two storm door windows.  I have some serious caulking to do to make them air and water tight. It's not the windows that are leaking as much as it is around the window framing. I'll come back and fit some flashing around them when I can.

It's very exciting to start to see the sides piecing together.  Yesterday I worked inside the greenhouse for a little while and was able to do all my wood cutting in there. With the walls on the long sides completely covered I didn't have to deal with the wind that came through the yard. It was very cool to be working inside the greenhouse for the first time.  I can't wait to get the doors all put together!

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