Greenhouse Project: In The Front

Here's a quick look at the front of the greenhouse. My idea is to have the front side or the view from the house appear to be a small cottage in the backyard. The windows on the front were originally from one sliding window that I separated into 2 approximately 20 inch wide windows.  I say approximately because one is slightly larger than the other but most likely no one except those I tell (like you!) will know.

Between the windows the French doors that are currently resting on the corners of the greenhouse will be installed.  The gable areas were left open while I deliberated about what I wanted there. I ran through a few ideas and managed to put together some of what will be installed there.  It involves 4 small 12" x 9" windows that were panes I removed from another window. The window was falling into pieces but the glass was in great shape. Since the window actually had 8 panes of glass I'm planning on making the small glass windows into double pane windows. There's no way I can come close to a factory built vacuum sealed double paned window but any air space between the outside and the inside will improve the insulation ability of the window.

What still needs done on the front of the greenhouse:

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