Greenhouse Project: Feeling Closed In

It's time for another backyard greenhouse shed update and I'm excited about this one!  You might ask why am I so excited...the doors have been set! This is when I can see that everything is starting to look like I originally intended. The front doors are on after a little bit of repair work. We shaved off an inch of the bottom of each door because of rotted wood. The rot didn't extend far up the door (less than the inch we cut) but needed removed otherwise it would continue to spread.  The doors have been sitting outside for a long time resting on the ground and just couldn't weather the weather! Additionally cutting an inch off the doors helped the doors fit a little better.

Here in these pictures I have the door and one window propped closed. I needed to attach a latch to the more stationary left side of the front doors so that the right side would lock against it. That's done now but it wasn't when the picture was taken. The window is being held closed since latches haven't been installed for it yet. I have some things to add on the inside before I attach them. The right window needs latches too but holds itself closed pretty well.

What Needs Done on the Front of the Greenhouse: Door trim, trim the gables, window latches, siding, install small windows, paint and stain siding and window frames.

On the back side of the greenhouse shed we added the plywood in the gables, a window in the gable area, the back door and a door/wall. The gable window is hinged and will serve as a vent for the greenhouse. I opened it from the inside today and felt a rush of air, I think it's going to work fine!

The door/wall will be covered in siding and will blend in with the surrounding siding to essentially be a hidden door. The left hand door can open and shut while the door on the right remains closed allowing it to function as either a single door or a double door.

Today I installed doorknobs and deadbolts in the back door from our old patio doors. they are keyed the same as our house which will be very convenient. I need to replace the doorknob and deadbolt on the French doors in the front of the greenhouse with some others I have after I have them matched to our keys.

What Needs Done on the Back of the Greenhouse: Door trim, window latches, secure the right door with latches, add siding, trim gables, paint and stain siding, windows frames and doors.

Here's a little look through the backdoor at the inside of the greenhouse shed, or to paraphrase myself "here's a look at my mess!" All the materials I want to keep dry are stored inside until I don't need them anymore. I doubt I'll have many leftovers. All the plywood will be used to cover the stud openings after insulating to help retain any heat gains the windows make. So much yet to do, but so much has been accomplished!

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