The Greenhouse Project: Braced for The Best

Today we worked a little more on the greenhouse project and managed to get another milestone accomplished: the bracing. Unfortunately due to the end of daylight savings time darkness descended too quickly for me to snap some good photos. Besides braces aren't very interesting, just functional.

We put braces on the joists that connect them to the rafters, braces on the front and back post that holds up the beam, and braces under the center beam that crosses the 12 foot side. We also added nails to several places where we had tie plates to ensure tight fits. It may not sound like much but this was another necessary step before the roof can be put together. Most of the roof will be solid but there will be a few areas where windows will allow sunlight to warm the interior. Every day a few more leaves drop and allow more and more light to reach the greenhouse in the afternoon. Once a few more maples drop their leaves the sun will have easy access to the greenhouse.

There's still much more to do but each of the next few steps are more visually significant, which translates into more excitement! Here's what is on the list of things to do for the greenhouse:

Since most of the walls are glass I think the sides will go up quick but the roof may prove to be challenging. I've done a roof once before on my parents' pavilion but every experience is different and has its own unique challenges. After today, I'm braced for the best part!

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