The Cold of Winter is Coming

Today more than many others I felt the cold of winter beginning to enter our Tennessee garden. The weather has been mild all throughout November and as December approaches noticeable changes are entering my consciousness. Overcast skies seem more prevalent than the sunny days we've been fortunate to enjoy, colder air seems to last here longer than the pleasant air. Even the wind seems different, more biting and much less inviting. I should count myself lucky that the weather has been so pleasant for so long but as is human nature I just can't seem to get enough of a good thing. The nice days have really been a boon to my recent project and have propelled it much faster than I really anticipated.

From the Birdbath Garden

Later this week the weather report is calling for highs of 40 degrees. Much too cold for this gardener to enjoy significant time outdoors, especially one spoiled by 55-60 degree temperatures. A few minutes here and there are fine but long term projects and activities will be slowing down a bit while waiting for the occasional unseasonal and extremely welcome pleasant day that is known to pop up from time to time here in TN. To rephrase a cliche I am definitely a fan of fair weather. Since the doors and windows are mostly on the greenhouse I should be able to tinker with its construction during the cold days and get it ready for spring seed starting. There's a whole list of things I need to do to get the inside plant ready but I'll save that for another post. For now though I'll be spending one more pleasant day outdoors working on my project before the cold sets in for the week. December 21st is the first day of winter and it is approaching fast. It's time to accept the fact that the inevitable cold weather is coming, winter is coming!

What outdoor activities do you like to tackle in the winter?