Raindrop Garden Photography

Rain has been ever present in our garden for the last two weeks it seems. Even the "dry" days are still wet when you consider the soggy ground and grasses you have to walk through to get anywhere. Today I thought I would share a couple pictures that are enhanced by the rain.

Raindrops on Clover

Clover is one of those "lawn weeds" that I actually like having around. It's green during the cool season, it adds nitrogen into the soil which in turn feeds the grass, and it gives the bunnies something to eat other than my plants!

Raindorps on Muhlenbergia capillaris

The third picture is of raindrops that have collected on the seed heads of our Muhly Grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris). It's a great native ornamental grass for the fall garden. The reddish tinted seed heads put on a fantastic display when planted en mass like Frances planted them. The raindrops in this photo almost appear to be little gems congregating on the end of the plant.

What was the most interesting photograph of the raindrops in the garden that you've taken?

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