If I Could Only Control the Weather...

I made big plans for this weekend. Plans that, at least in my mind, were very attainable. Unfortunately the weather did not concur. When I made my chore list for the weekend the weather forecast said Saturday and Sunday would be in the 70's and sunny. We had a such a great weather day on Saturday that makes saying it was a beautiful day a colossal understatement. It was the perfect weather for almost anything. Perfect for gardening, perfect for festivals about ham, perfect for sitting in the backyard and enjoying the weather! But today? Nope.

Rain moved in. It's amazing when a 20% chance of rain can completely wash out your plans. The wood I purchased for building the kids play set is wet and needs to dry out. The ground is wet. Neither of these would bother me or stop me necessarily, but when using power equipment that uses electric like my miter saw I would rather stay out of the rain. I generally prefer not to be cooked. As I'm typing this at 1:09 PM today the rain is still coming down, it's only a light rain with an intermittent mist but enough to ruin those lofty weekend goals.

The rain has also set back my overseeding plans for the grass seed. If I were to go ahead and plant some grass seed now the seed would stick to the grass and might not make good contact with the soil. It would also start clumping together in the spreader and may not go down as easily. So I'll have to wait on that task too. I could hand spread some grass seed on the bare spots but that's about it.

If I could only control the weather, my weekend chore list might not be a bust! Maybe I'll go take some cuttings, it's a perfect day for that.

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