The Greenhouse Project: Still Being Framed

I've been framed!  The greenhouse-shed almost is framed that is. The framing is coming along slower than I had hoped and as usual my goals prove to be loftier than time actually allows. I do this to myself all the time with projects, underestimating the actual amount of time necessary to complete it. My goal for Wednesday was to finish framing the walls but I'm only about halfway there. The time consuming part of it is making sure that each window area is custom fit to house the random selection of windows I've collected. Into each section extra time is spent thinking and planning to make sure we do it right. 

Wednesday we managed to complete the picture window side (West), the front side, and frame some of the other two sides. We framed enough to remove the braces from the structure. As we framed we made sure that the posts were still straight and in some cases were able to correct some minor warping caused by the natural tendency of wood to warp!

Thursday's Task List:

Things I won't get done this week:

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