Fall Weekend Chores and Projects

I've been lax on the lists lately. There are always things that need done and projects that need tackled and this weekend is no exception. Here's a quick list of the fall chores and projects that I hope to start and maybe even complete this weekend!

The over-seeding needs to be completed by Sunday since more rains will be on their way next week and I don't want to water the lawn myself. Hopefully I can get through this list but its pretty ambitious. We'll see!

UPDATE 10-3-2009:

The Spring Hill Ham Festival couldn't have been held on a more perfect day. The sun was shining, the temperatures were comfortable, and the BBQ was delicious! My oldest daughter enjoyed watching the Irish dancers dance, riding on a train, and playing in the kids area on the inflatables. While there we purchased a couple things including a large jar of local Sourwood Honey and a pot of parsley.

We spent a little longer at the festival than we planned and so I never started on the swing set but I did get the materials so that I can tackle that project tomorrow!

Friday night I managed to dig another 4'x8' area out for the foundation of the greenhouse. Slow and steady wins the race...right?

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