Completely Random Gardening Updates

Welcome to completely random gardening. For this post I had a hodgepodge of things to update you on that really can't be grouped into any kind of category for one single post to talk about. So we'll just have to talk a little bit about everything!

The Greenhouse Project

I managed to do a little digging on the greenhouse foundation yesterday. I would have cleaned up quite a bit more soil from the area if my wheelbarrow had held together. It's been slowly losing its nuts around the yard. That last sentence sounded really odd...anyway...I had to repair the lost nuts with ones from the hardware store. I picked up a few spare screws, nuts and washers while I was there. There are just never enough nuts in the garden.

As you can see from the picture I have about a 4'x8' area cleared down to between 6 and 8 inches. I'll need to go a little deeper and clear out the rest of the soil. You might be wondering what I'm doing with all that excavated dirt. I'm glad you asked! Right now I'm mounding it up into a raised bed for deer tolerant planting shade plants like heucheras.

A Couple Pretty Flowers
I took a couple pictures of some flowers from my daughter's garden. Her garden is a small area just outside of the vegetable garden where I encouraged her to throw out some seed and see what grows. She's had sunflowers, basil, marigolds, and cosmos all come up successfully.



The Vegetable Garden

The lettuce is finally coming up in the vegetable garden. Hopefully we'll have enough time to harvest some micro-greens if not some full fledged Romaine foliage before the frost comes. I'm considering building a row cover for this bed to extent our vegetable season a little longer so we may manage fine in spite of the coming cold weather.

We also have quite a bit of cilantro springing up all over. Late in the spring when the temperatures we getting high I let the cilantro bolt and form seeds. Then I sprinkled the seeds all over a 4'x4' raised bed that I was using previously for lettuce. They sat in the garden all summer and decided that it now was the time to grow.

A Frequent Visitor

Have you seen this cat? It's a very friendly one who likes to visit us often. I don't mind him hanging out but we aren't adopting one anytime soon. He's made himself at home on our back deck. The other night he came running down the street to greet us when we got home then spent the night outside next to the pyracantha. Then he greeted my wife as she left work work that morning. I've even found him lounging in the garage from time to time. He's welcome in our garden, as long as he gets to work on chasing off those wascally wabbits!

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