My Project of the Week

It's not the greenhouse, at least not today or tomorrow. Over the last couple years (yes I said years) my father and I have been working on a project in his backyard. It began as a patio in the middle of their yard where they could enjoy their backyard spaces and gradually grew into a patio covered with a pavilion that will eventually be screened. With the help of my brother, who lives in California, we put up the structure over the patio. Earlier this summer I roofed it with asphalt shingles and today's project was putting together the railing. (And no I won't come do your roof!)

We researched various designs for railings and settled on something that is somewhat Japanese inspired. Using 2'x2' lumber we built a frame then pieced together four smaller 2'x2' pieces to fit within several other spindles. Hopefully we'll finish the project tomorrow but here's a look at the work we've accomplished so far.

Only one side is complete at this point but several other frames have been put together. All the wood is pressure treated lumber and will eventually get a coat of stain.

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