Greenhouse and Shed Project: Digging for Drainage

Saturday I took another small but significant step toward my quest for a greenhouse, I began the dig! While I still have some planning to do regarding the construction of the greenhouse no matter how I eventually decide to put it together I'll need level ground with good drainage. That's why I spent and hour and a half digging out a 8 inch trench around where the edge of the greenhouse will eventually be. I'll come back with a layer of gravel after I decide whether I need to clear out the rest of the soil or raise the level of the greenhouse higher to allow for a gravel and paving stone floor.

Good drainage beneath a greenhouse is important for any spilled water to wash away and to prevent moisture problems from causing damage to the structure. If you look in the picture above toward the wooded area and toward the ground you will notice a depression. That depression is the beginning of a drainage culvert that funnels excess water away from our yard and is where any excess water from underneath the greenhouse will go. My plan after it is complete is to add plants in around the greenhouse to help it blend into the garden. Those plants will help absorb the excess water.

Here's the view from the greenhouse's location.  It appears from the picture to be a long way from the house and ideally it would be nice to have close access to water and electric but the slope to the left limits some of those elements.

I hope to add in those missing elements later through rain collection and maybe a small solar charging panel to charge a battery for plant lights. I have a long way to go before thinking about those features!

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