Trimming a Nandina

In front of our garage we have a nandina. I'm not a huge fan of nandinas normally but I've grown accustomed to the one we have, besides it saved my mower and our house once! I've never done any real maintenance to it and it has performed great in the front garden. It was due for a trimming so I grabbed my pruners and went to work.  I pruned out a few main branches that were beginning to overcrowd the area and limbed up the stalks to reveal the trunks of the nandina. (Limbing up is just where you remove small unnecessary limbs to encourage growth in other directions.) I made sure to balance the foliage between the two windows by cutting out the whole stalk at the ground where needed. Now the plants underneath like the phlox and 'Mediteranean White' Heath can see the sun!

This should open up a little more planting space underneath! Do you think I should limb up the nandina a little more or is it good as it is now?

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